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Education and literacy

Informatici Senza Frontiere organizes from basic to the most advanced computer courses in Italy and in the world, free of charge, to people living marginalization and social disadvantage, in communities, seniors clubs, prisons. The computer becomes therefore an opportunity of employment, integration, communication and socialization.
As part of its projects in Africa with the Open Hospital program, C.W.B. is also responsible for training the staff to use it. The goal is always to “train the trainers” in the perspective of self-sufficiency.

Creation of computer classrooms

The creation of a computer room, however small, can be of great help for the operation and improvement of life in some environments.
Even in Africa the computer classrooms made ​​in the Universities and the hospitals can allow an improvement of the quality of life, work and relationships.

Children to the PC

Thanks to the project Children to the PC, for example, children hospitalized for a long time have the opportunity to communicate with families and friends, play and follow school lessons through the use of networked computers.

Children in @ network

Specific seminars such as “Children in @ network” are turned to the children and their parents to teach them to use the best of Internet, enabling the right protections and precautions to ensure that the Internet is an opportunity rather than a threat to small navigators.

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