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Many of the Informatici Senza Frontiere’s initiatives are totally made ​​possible by the contribution and donations of private donors and companies that guarantee the costs’ cover of the various projects through their financial support.
Over the years, our association has received the financial support of small and big companies that wanted to foster projects and give a good example of ethical investment.

One of our main goals is to give continuity to the projects that we carry out: the experience taught us that we cannot just create opportunities, but it’s necessary to continue to be there in time. The constant support, the disposability to change or correct our projects as needed, the support during the various stages of the technologies’ implementation: these are all issues that we care to develop when we start a new project.

To support with your company IT Without Borders, through a liberal donation or a specific initiative, it means first of all give an important signal that the business’ world can communicate in a very promising way with the no-profit world offering help and support projects concerning the more difficult contexts. It means also ensuring an initiative or project to be continued in the territory.

Supporting us is very simple; every company small, medium or large, can do it but it has to share goals and mission of our association. Each company can decide how much and how to donate, choosing between a generic contribution that the association will spend in one of its active projects or the ongoing support to a specific initiative. In the first case, you can simply contact us by e-mail, expressing your interest in becoming partner of our initiatives.
If your donation is at least 1.000 € you will have access to a series of services and advantages: to learn more click here!

In the second one you and your company can decide to give a practical and targeted help supporting a specific project in which you’re particularly interested.

    Adopting a project, you can:

  • immediately contribute to the advancement of certain phases of the projects;

  • monitor constantly the progress of the project;

  • donate with the awareness of how your contribution will be used;

  • collaborate with partners and members of IT Without Borders to create new opportunities for those who live in conditions of marginalization and exclusion;

  • support, with your contribution, the digital empowerment.