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Funding: ISF crowdfunding and private donors
Place: various sites in Italy
Duration: ongoing project
ISF role: partner of local institutions, associations and public bodies

Boys with Down syndrome, people with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, prisoners, drug addicts, immigrants, homeless people are the recipients of our computer literacy courses: the use of computers and the Internet can contribute to their path of insertion or reintegration into public life.


This project over the years brought us to:

  • Prisons of Tuscany: Florence, Pisa, Lucca
  • Residence for prisoners at the end of the sentence, Lucca
  • Dozza district house, female sect., Bologna
  • Marassi Prison, Genoa
  • Pratello child prison, Bologna
  • District house, Pavia
  • La Genovesa cooperative for former drug addicts, Verona
  • Massimo Leone Foundation for homeless, Naples
  • “Il Piccolo Principe” non-profit organization, Bologna
  • Committee for Peace and Against Hunger in the World, Forlì
  • CIF (Italian Women’s Center for former prisoners), Pisa
  • “Futuro Down” non-profit organization, Benevento
  • Teseo Center, Monopoli (BA)
  • “La Scintilla” cooperative, Mogliano Veneto and Zero Branco (TV)
  • Spina Bifida Association, Turin
  • “Shalom” community for drug addicts, Bari
  • “Ali di Farfalla” Foundation (digit@abili), Benevento
  • “Popoli Insieme” non-profit organization of Padua, foreigners’ computer literacy
  • Municipality of Venice, training for unaccompanied minors
  • “Coordinamento Volontariato Lame”, Bologna – training for unaccompanied minors
  • Alternativa Cooperative, Treviso – an individual productivity course for employees of the cooperative working in the social reintegration of disadvantaged people
  • Baobab Experience, Rome
  • House of Social Rights, Rome
  • SPRAR Treviso
  • La Esse Cooperative, Treviso
  • Misericordia of Tavarnelle (FI)
  • SPRAR Este (Padua)
  • ‘Mondo Donna’ and ‘CittadinanzAttiva’
  • LSO La Tana district of Portello di Padua