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Funding: ISF crowdfunding and private donors
Place: various sites in Italy
Duration: ongoing project
ISF role: partner of local institutions, associations and public bodies

A fun technological laboratory can bring young people closer to science and make them dream of becoming protagonists of the creation of technology and not just using it or suffering from it. With “Informatici Senza Frontiere” they can discover the electric current and some electronic components, they can program with the Scratch language and, finally, put together electronics and computer science to create a … musical keyboard!

This project over the years brought us to:

  • Primary Schools, Benevento
  • Tech Coffee, Benevento
  • “Festival dell’Informatica Sociale”, Treviso
  • Youth Center Vincentian Nuns, Rione Traiano, Naples
  • Schools of Lombardy
  • ISF Festival, Rovereto, 2017 and 2018
  • Continuous collaboration with “CoderDojo di Arese” in Arese (MI), Carnago (VA), Varese, Busto Arsizio (VA)
  • Centro Culturale Lombroso 16 in Turin