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Funding: Veneto Region, European Social Fund – Investments in growth and employment “Il Veneto delle donne” – DGR n.526 of 28 April 2020 – linea 1 – Il FILO
Location: Veneto, provinces of Padua, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza
Duration: October 2020 /   September 2021
Leading agency: PerFormare
Operational partners: Informatici Senza Frontiere APS – Cooperativa LaEsse (Treviso) – Spazio Donna Questa Città (Bassano del Grappa)
Network partners: Centro Donna Padova – Donna Chiama Donna Vicenza – Municipality of Carmignano (PD) – CGIL Treviso

Nowadays, the job market is characterized by a need for constant training and a high rate of innovation. Precisely because it is part of a context that provides for continuous updates, we wanted to start a project idea that sees its pivot mainly in a training proposal. This proposal is aimed at professionally enriching that half of the society that precisely in the workplace suffers most discrimination for gender reasons: women.

In particular, however, it was decided to allocate this training to women that are victims of violence and are assisted by anti-violence centers or shelter houses.

Indeed, it is precisely for them that it becomes essential to be able to look for a job and work directly from where they are, exploiting the potential of digital world, and then continue to train by exploiting the great wealth of skills that are freely available online.

The task of ISF in this context is to enrich the knowledge and skills already in the target’s possession, hybridizing them with digital skills to enhance them and increase their employability in the current context.

As a technological partner of the project, ISF helps the participants to achieve autonomy in the digital field, such as to subsequently allow the exploitation of e-learning, abundantly available on the web but inaccessible to those who cannot walk “the first mile”. In parallel, it activates a support desk to give continuity to the learning of the learners. They can ask questions at the support desk and receive help on aspects of the lesson not assimilated in the classroom or on difficulties during exercises at home.

The project is completed by a parallel webinar activity with female students to introduce issues related to access to the world of work and workshops for unemployed women and students