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Promotion measures for internet access and the acquisition of digital skills among applicants and holders of international protection.

Funding: Caritro Foundation, Community call for tenders around frailties
Location: Community of Valle (TN)
Duration: 01/12/2020 – 31/11/2021
ISF role: partner of Associazione Centro Astalli Trento onlus (leader) and Impact Hub Trentino

The Digital Inclusion project intervenes on social fragility, which worsened during the health emergency, which saw the exclusion of some applicants and holders of international protection from accessing online services, both due to lack of skills and appropriate tools.

To work on both issues, the project includes:

  • a counter service to facilitate the use of territorial services in online mode by persons requesting and holders of international protection present in Trento.
  • training for operators and volunteers for the acquisition of tools aimed at transmitting basic digital skills.
  • digital literacy laboratories for the development of digital skills among people requesting and holders of international protection who express the greatest need.

The project, of an experimental nature, also provides for the collection and analysis of data relating to access to the counter, in addition to the communication and dissemination of experience among the local actors of the welfare system.