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Funding: European Union – led by United Nations Office for Project Services UNOPS: UNOPS/TS CONTRACT SOM/EC/00084997/2013/001 in the frame of the EC contract FED/2012/298-809 (CfP EuropeAid/132-875/L/ACT/SO Lot 2 funded by EC)
Place: Somaliland, Hargeisa General Hospital
Duration: 48 months, from March 2013 to May 2015
ISF role: tender partner

The project included infrastructural interventions, equipment procurement for the hospital and increase of capacity building in finance and management areas. In this context, ISF has launched the OpenERP management system in order to computerize and systematize some administrative and management processes, which are essential for the good start of the structure.

Volontario ISF in azione in Somaliland