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It’s an open source program designed specifically for people who can not communicate if not with their eyes. Also the basic version allows all users who have a PC and a webcam to use the program immediately. From home, from a hospital bed, from wherever they are. For free and without having to configure anything.

Diverse le features disponibili:
• Basic Speechboard
Basic keyboard with alphanumeric characters and some symbols;
• Speechboard
Alphabet of uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and special characters;
• Imageboard
Images that express a concept or a primary need;
• Wordboard
Sentences that express a concept or a primary need;
• Web browser
Web surfing that can be launch directly from ISA;
• XPI Addon for Firefox
Light version of ISA for external browsing and web forms compilation;
• Domotic
Domotic system integration for controlling lights, alarms etc. (only offline);
• XT9
Word selection system for most probable words and scoring system for improve the quality of the results;
Responsive interface with parametric settings;
• Multilanguage
Available in italian and english (only web version);
• Eye Tracking Support
ISA supports some Eye tracking systems selected by ISF;

For using ISA is necessary have a system of pointing that reveals the face movement (face tracking) or pupils movements (bi or monocular eye tracking). ISF selected some cheap pointing systems.

ISA is Open Source. Everyone can collaborate to its development downloading the source files from GitHub. It is available also the plugin source code on GitHub. You can choose one of the open issues and request the assignment.

Thanks to the Progetto SL @ project funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, I.S.A. will become the official communicator of ASLA, hooked to the platform of Psychological support of the association.