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Funding: Italy’s Ministry of Labor and Social Policies
Place: Italy
Duration: 18 months, in between years 2017 and 2018
ISF role: partner of ASLA association

  • The project aims to offer the patients with ALS an online psychological support and the realization of a self-mutual-help group over the web throughout the national territory.
  • The use of the network will allow to connect people who are distant or have greater communication or motor difficulties. The used means (Internet) is rather familiar and known. The Internet indeed is often used by patients and their families to look for information on the disease and its treatment.
  • Patients and their families, in contact via chat / online platform, can receive psychological support without moving from their home.

With the project we want to carry out the following actions:

– attivazione gruppi di auto mutuo aiuto per malati tramite chat/piattaforma online con la moderazione di uno psicologo;

– Activation of self-mutual-help groups for family members via chat/online platform with moderation of a psychologist;

  • online personalized psychological support for the sick;
  • online personalized psychological support for family members.

Informatici Senza Frontiere has the role of analyzing the different existing tools to identify the one that best suits the project needs, as well as to create and test a platform that meets the needs of the different groups.

The platform shall afterward be able to communicate with ISA – I Speak Again, the free communicator created by ISF as part of its “Progetto Ausili”, which will manage the IT part.

The project, headed by ASLA, sees the collaboration of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Padua, which guarantees the supervision of the project and a research project.