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Funding: Italy’s Ministry of Labor and Social Policies
Place: Italy
Duration: 18 months, in between years 2017 and 2018
ISF role: partner of ASLA association

The general objective of the project is to create an online support service aimed at groups of ALS patients and their family groups. In particular, we want to contrast the isolation often experienced by those living with this disease, offering a low-threshold exchange environment, providing a space for sharing personal experiences, feelings and emotions, providing information on the disease and its treatment and facilitate the exchange of peer information. Other specific targets of the project are the increase in the involvement of family members and their ability to interact with the patient, the expansion of the network of services to support patients with ALS and their families and the integration of the offer of palliative care addressed to the sick, guaranteeing the rights foreseen by the Italian law 38/2010.

In the aforementioned context, ISF has the role of analyzing the different existing tools to identify the one that best suits the project requirements, as well as to create and test a platform that meets the needs of the different groups. The platform will have to be subsequently able to communicate with ISA – I Speak Again, the free communicator realized by ISF in the context of its ” Aids project “.