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Funding: private donors and companies
Location: All over Italy
Duriona: March 2020 – until the end of the emergency
ISF role: ppartner of SYX, Tékhné and the MuPIN – Piedmont Museum of Informatics

In this pandemic period, there are frequent cases in which a student cannot access online lessons because the family cannot afford to buy a computer, or because there is only one device in the family to share with parents and siblings, all with the same need to stay connected. Often the parent’s smartphone is the only tool to stay in touch with educational activities, both in primary and secondary school and at the university (according to ISTAT data, 33.8% of Italian families do not have a PC or a tablet in the house, and 57% of children must share only one computer in the family).

In various locations, initiatives have therefore been born aimed at collecting used computers in good condition (less than 10 years old), putting them back in order bringing them to a state like new, to donate them to those who cannot afford the purchase such as schools, parents, non-profit associations thus reducing the waste of material that would otherwise be scrapped.

The activities are naturally linked to the territory, for which ISF has established collaborative relationships with other associations that operate with similar or complementary purposes, giving life to projects dedicated to combating this aspect of the Digital Divide. Projects ranging from the first born in Turin with SYX, Tékhné and the MuPIN – Piedmont Museum of Informatics and called #Tutticonnessi; to the one in Milan, called #pc4u, in collaboration with four young students, to the Roman one born as an extension of Tutticonnessi and then extended in collaboration with NonnaRoma and Rimuovendo gli Ostacoli, called #PC4All, to the Apulian one #Cettenacafè, in collaboration with the associations Oratory of the child Anspi of Fasano and some associations of Catholic Action.

As part of these projects, we have been received and allocated more than 600 between desktop, laptop, and tablet.

In Veneto, however, ISF operated autonomously by allocating a large part of its hardware warehouse for a total of 72 donations including tablets, desktop PCs, notebooks, and smartphones.

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For donations we accept computers and tablets in good condition, working and no older than 10 years.