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Funding: Enel Cuore
Place: Bari – Bologna – Milan
Duration: 2018
ISF role: coordinator
Link: Sensoltre

The project aims to foster the inclusion of all students through activities that combine art and technology so that they reflect on visual impairments, and on all diversity in general and finally on how art can be inclusive.

Starting point is the path of tactile frameworks of “Sensoltre” by Informatici Senza Frontiere (see Disability section) which is transformed into an educational and inclusion opportunity for all students, with and without special educational needs.

It offered the possibility to three secondary institutes of the first degree of Bari, Bologna and Milan to have all the students participate in workshops for the creation of a 3D artwork chosen by students and teachers among the artworks of their own Municipality, sponsor of the event. The artworks made were left to the three reference Municipalities, partners of the project.

At the end of the 3 stages in the three above mentioned schools, there was a Special edition of Sensoltre with a tactile path that included the 3 works made during each of the previous Call to action at school.

The event took place on the occasion of the ISF-Festival of Rovereto 2018.  The three experiences have been documented in research activities on the perceptual effects linked to the Sensoltre experience, curated by Emanuela Ferri, and published in the book “Sensoltre Sei Tu -Espressioni artistiche in gioco per una didattica dell’inclusione”.