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Funding: ISF and Interlogica e in corporate social Responsibility
Place: Treviso
Duration: 2019
ISF role: Technological partner

In Treviso, Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing is a living space for over 60, and it combines the personal dimension of the private house with the social one of the common spaces inserted in a light network of support and assistance to the need. The idea of this experimental project was born within this solidarity area, the result of a participatory urban regeneration path. The project involves ISF and Interlogica in developing an app that encourages in the Borgo a non-monetary economy in which ability, skills and time are for the benefit of all. Interlogica will provide his experience of merit money (which already circulates in the company), developed by blockchain technology, to create together with ISF an agile tool for smartphones in order to manage a sort of “Bank of Time and Skills” that allows the residents to obtain quality services without disbursement of money, but thanks to their ability.