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Funding: ISF crowdfunding and private donors
Place: various sites
Duration: ongoing project
ISF role: tutor / partner of Universities

ISF offers itself as a partner of universities, NGOs, associations and hospitals that need organizational and IT consultancy in the field of project implementation. The involved competences concern the design and implementation of software solutions, communication infrastructures, networks and systems, and training.

Our latest collaborations allowed us:

  • to create a multimedia system and a computer room for the “Pane e Tulipani” Social Cooperative, Jesi (Italy);
  • to create a software for the management of the pharmacy of the Sahrawi camps as part of a large project carried out by the Municipality of Albinea that, in addition to ISF, involves with various roles the Emilia Romegna Region, the Jaima Sahrawi Association, the University of Ferrara and Parma, the AUSL of Reggio Emilia, the Volunteer Pharmacists Association;
  • to realize the first Italian portal of solidarity projects addressed to Africa (managed by the SPERA Consortium), with the aim of collecting, making easily accessible and constantly updated the projects that the Voluntary Associations can enter online (http://www.consorziospera.org);
  • to manage the ISF group on the microcredit site kiva.org
  • to collaborate with the Progetto Mondo Foundation for the creation of a platform to share experiences of volunteers and activists;
  • to collaborate with Jimuel, EndoCas, the “laboratory for development of information technology to support the medicine” of Sant’Anna di Pisa institute, for the creation of MEDIR. MEDIR is a web platform in which a medical community can, starting from a medical history, produce a diagnosis and define a therapy interfacing to Open Hospital installed in a hypothetical remote surgery:
  • to give support to “Programma Sviluppo 76” non-profit organization for the “Guinea Bissau Turismo” site;
  • to manage the site and the presence on the social networks of the Ondjango association;
  • to create for the non-profit organization “Progetto Arca” 5 internet accesses inside the hub in the Railway Central Station of Milan. These 5 accesses (soon they will be 10) allow refugees to communicate (via Skype, e-mail, and social network) with their homeland;
  • to refurbish the computer classroom of “Madre Teresa” primary school in Milan;
  • to implement 10 remote training courses for Syrian doctors in war zones in cooperation with SEMA. The 10 courses focused on medical topics (neonatology, gynecology, psychology, dialysis, and nephrology) and were held by Italian doctors with an audio and video connection through WebEx. WebEx is a live web conference tool made available free of charge to ISF by Cisco;
  • to collaborate with the Auser – circle “il Faro” (the Lighthouse) of Quinto di Treviso in the “Progetto Bibliolandia” 2017; Computerization of the library at G. Marconi primary school of Quinto di Treviso
  • to build a computer room in the Dakar language department with the Yokko project.