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Funding: ISF crowdfunding and private donors
Place: various sites in Italy
Duration: ongoing project
ISF role: partner of local institutions, associations and public bodies

For unemployed, immigrants or other people categories in difficulty it is important to acquire skills that can be spent on the labor market. For them we organize computer courses at various levels, in some cases also by issuing an e-citizens, ECDL or Cisco certification attesting the new acquired skills.

This project over the years brought us to:

  • Scampia Youth Group, Naples
  • Irfeyal Ecuadorian Center of Art and Culture, Milan (continuous teaching activity, two classes of computer science for migrants)
  • INAIL of Benevento (inform@bili project)
  • IFOA of Padua, support for the long-term unemployed
  • Migrant Group Missionary Diocesan Center and Cultural Association “SAMB E DIOP”, Naples
  • Agazzi school, Sorbolo (PR)
  • First computerization course for Migrants atNAGA-HAR
  • INAIL / Caritas, Benevento
  • Association Samb e Diop, Naples
  • Centro Sociale Barrio’s per richiedenti asilo politico, Milan
  • NAGA ONLUS onlus center for refugees, Milan