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Funding: Regione Veneto with state resources of the Ministry of Labour and Social policies
Place: 13 Municipalities of the Province of Treviso (Treviso, Borso del Grappa, Colle Umberto, Cordignano, Crocetta del Montello, Maser, Orsago, Country, Resana, Trevignano, Vedelago, Vittorio Veneto, Zero Branco)
Duration: 2019
ISF role: Lead

The project is within the broad regional strategy for the promotion of the well-being culture of the population over 65. It aims in particular to counteract the involuntary social exclusion also through the reduction in the digital divide.

ISF Is the leader of this project who has as a partner I.S.R.A.A. (Institute for Hospitalization and care services for the elderly, Treviso) and ANTEAS. Sixty people aged over 65 will learn the use of smartphones and tablet for socializing, participating in shared moments. Another 10, unable to move from home, will try the use of virtual reality experiencing moments of shared experience. All this will be possible thanks to volunteers specially trained by psychologists (for the relational part) and by ISF (for the technological part).