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Funding: European Union – UNICEF – PSA/NWZ/2013/4271 led by UNICEF and in partnership with UN-HABITAT: UNICEF/TS CONTRACT PCA/NWZ/2013/4271 in the frame of the EC contract FED/2012/298-771 (CfP EuropeAid/132-875/L/ACT/SO Lot 1 funded by EC)
Place: Somaliland (Burco, Erigavo, Borama and Wajaale)
Duration: 45 months, from April 2013 to December 2016
ISF role: tender partner

The project, led by UNICEF and in collaboration with UN-HABITAT and MoWR, aimed at a more effective running to improve the provision of urban water services and the service planning and the implementation of alternative water studies in four cities. It included the creation of 8-year Financial plans, 25-year Master plans, 8-year Business plans for cities of Erigavo, Borama and Wa’jaale.

In the above context, ISF designed and introduced a modern and automated information system based on the OpenERP platform (WIMS) for management and invoicing, at the water agencies of Borama, Erigavo and Wa’jaale PPP Utilities. ISF also provided support for installation, configuration, training and follow-up.