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Funding: European Union – FED-2012/298-778 (CfP EuropeAid/132-875/L/ACT/SO Lot 3 funded by EC)
Place: Puntland (Bosaso, Gardo, Garowe, Ba’adwayne and Galkayo)
Duration: 48 months – from January 2013 to December 2016
ISF role: tender partner

The project supported Terre Solidali, PSAWEN and five urban water companies (Bosaso, Gardo, Garowe, Ba’adwayne and Galkayo) in the development of planning documents and in the introduction of a modern computerized billing system based on the OpenERP platform (Water Information Management Systems). The project also supported utilities with the supply of water equipment and materials to extend and repair the distribution network and wells. The project also elaborated a new PPP agreement.

In the above context, ISF has recoded its existing opensource web-based platform; it has created a system of SMS, bar code, billing on the spot (on the meter reading) and ZAAD payment. It also provided a complete package including installation, training, presentation, follow-up and it released the installation CD with Installation Manual and the User Manual.