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Regional Sections are the heart of the association and provide a continuous link with the Italian local reality. The currently active Regional Sections and their coordinators are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact them for events or projects with regional impact.

For getting in touch with the coordinators click on their names or mail to name.surname@informaticisenzafrontiere.org

Campania:Antonio Perna

Emilia Romagna:Franco Visentin

Friuli-Venezia Giulia:Elvira Simoncini

Lazio:Claudio Rosazza

Liguria:Annamaria Somaglia

Lombardia:Pierlorenzo Castrovinci

Piemonte:Felice Di Luca

Puglia:Chiara De Felice

Toscana:Alexander Palummo

Trentino Alto Adige:Fulvio Medeot

Umbria:Davide Cisternino

Veneto:Marco Pasquato