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The organization’s governance is performed through the Members Meeting, the Board of Directors and the President. The Board appoints the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Vice President, the Regional Coordinators and the Operating Areas Managers.
The Members Meeting in the yearly assembly, have the power to decide about the organization life; all main decisions have to be approved by the Members that meet usually twice a year, in order to share opinions, ideas, the Board’s main proposals, etc. and taking appropriate decisions.
The President represents the organization’s face to the external world and has the legal responsibility for what the organization is doing. She/He is elected by the Members Meeting every three years during one of the annual meeting.
The Board of Directors members are elected by the Members Meetings amongst all the Members, and stay in charge for three years; the Board defines the strategic plan of the organization; through a monthly meeting it manages the day to day operations and finance aspects. It presents for approval to the Members the proposals including relevant elements affecting the organization life. From the operational point of view ISF is organized by geographical regions (see ““Where we are” page) and by Operating Areas.
The responsible of each region and each Operating Area is appointed by the Board of Directors and is in charge for three years. The Operating Areas are Disability Area, Developing Countries Area, Training Area, Communication.
The Disability Area Manager coordinates all the projects related to Disability with a special focus to the design of new Information Technology aids for people with disability.
The Developing Countries Area Manager is in charge of all project realized in Developing Project.
The Training Area Manager coordinates all the training, education and literacy activities.
The Communication Manager is in charge of all the activities related to the internal and external communication (media and press).

Association board of directors:

  • President: Dino MAURIZIO – presidente@informaticisenzafrontiere.org
  • Board of directors: Maurizio BERTOLDI,  Girolamo BOTTER, Dino MAURIZIO,  Fabrizio MONTINO, Marco PASQUATO, Massimo PEPE, Christian PEZZIN, Claudio PIERI, Franco VISENTIN