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Computers in the hospital – Trieste



This project is being developed in Burlo Garofolo Hospital, Trieste. Its objective is to create a computer network in the Blood Cancer Paediatric Ward and in the Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant of the hospital, with computers available for all the children in the wards. This project has been realized thanks to the cooperation between ISF, AGMEN – a regional association of parents whose children are affected by blood diseases and cancer – and SPIN.

By using computers the young patients will be able to keep in touch with the outside world, with their families and friends. One of the most problematic aspects of cancer diseases is the length of treatments and the isolation of patients, something often unbearable for children and teenagers who are suddently torn from their daily lives.

The objective of this project is to relieve the suffering of young patients by creating an everyday familiar situation and by supplying the kids with the same tools they normally use at home – computers, internet, instant messaging, games, etc. We also installed a webcam and a videocommunication system (Skype) in order to help the patients’ families, often living far away, and to relieve the anguish deriving from forced separation. Our aim is to keep young patients in touch with their families in the broadest sense of the term, with their friends and with their schools thus reducing their sense of isolation.

ISF both realized a WiFi network and supplied six free notebooks. These computers were configurated so as to keep maintenance needs to the minimum. SPIN, a well-known connectivity and computer service provider set up in Trieste in 1995 by a group of SISSA researchers, supplied for free a broadband line.

This project has been prepared and realized in agreement with Burlo Garofolo Hospital and its Blood Cancer Ward and it partially took inspiration from a similar project realized in Brescia Hospital; other projects of this kind are being realized in the Policlinico of Naples and in Monza Hospita



  • A.G.M.E.N. – Association of Parents of Children with Blood Cancer Diseases