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The aim of this project is the realization of a computer course for the Comunità Terapeutica Teseo, a drug rehabilitation centre in Coversano (Bari). A training course to learn how to use IT resources has been introduced among the weekly activities of the centre and a few volunteers of ISF-Puglia have set up a lab with a network of 7 PCs connected to the internet.

This course, started in March 2009, is a one-year course held on Saturdays by a group of volunteers who work together with the guests of the centre.

The volunteers teach the guests how to use the internet, word-processing applications, email programs, social networks, games and other software.


This course also involves a few computer graphics teaching modules for the creation of leaflets and brochures, and some training on the fundamentals of Joomla so as to enable the guests to update themselves the centre’s website.

A course preparing for the first level of the ECDL exam has been organized – it is particularly successful and it is followed by a lot of people in the centre.