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This projects was started following a meeting between ISF’s founders and Dr Mario Marsiaj, who has been coordinating and supporting St Luke hospital in Angal for more than 40 years. This hospital was founded about a century ago by Combonian missionaries.
St Like hospital is situated in very poor rural area of Uganda and it has a catchment area of about 120,000 persons and 280 bed in the male, female, paediatric, maternity and isolation wards. It is equipped with a chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory, a radiology department and an operating room. It has a staff of 136 people.

The above-mentioned meeting brought out the need, for the hospital, to have a computer system facilitating all daily management operations, from the filling in of medical records to the supply of medicines in stock.

A group of members of Informatici Senza Frontiere developed a specific software tool, called Open Hospital, with the valuable help of the students of Istituto Tecnico Volterra, a secondary school in San Donà di Piave, a town near Venice. This software was then installed and implemented in St.Luke Hospital. A training course was organized in order to allow the hospital staff to learn how to operate the PCs and the software.

Following the positive experience of Angal, where Open Hospital is still used three years after its installation, new releases were developed and the software is now being installed in other hospitals in Kenya, Afghanistan, Benin and Congo

Download and try Open Hospital!