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Good Samaritans Campus



The aim of this project is the implementation of new computer infrastructures in the Comboni Samaritans Campus of Gulu for the improvement of the quality and the reliability of the computer system.

The first mission, launched in 2009, allowed to:

  • renew the PCs and the network services
  • reorganize the local network
  • activate an internet connection.

The aim of the second phase, planned for March 2010, is to:

  • renew the PCs and the local infrastructures by using the PCs donated by Banco Informatico
  • activate a new satellite connection
  • activate a local back office for Wawoto Kacel portal.

The project is realized together with Comboni Samaritans ONG of Gulu, an Ugandan non-profit organization founded in 1992 in order to oppose AIDS and its dramatic impact on Ugandan society. The main sectors of intervention of this organization are: providing assistance and medical support to about 4,500 persons with AIDS; providing support to about a thousand children whose parents are seriously ill and/or who are parentless; launching peace building activities in the post-war period.

During the second phase of the project Wawoto Kacel, a local artisan co-operative formed by a group of HIV-positive women, was involved.






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