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Micro-credito in Madagascar



The project for micro-credit in Madagascar takes its origin from the cooperation among Informatici Senza Frontiere,  O.P.G., a consultancy and software company that has been a member of our association since 2008, and Averiko, an association working on cooperation and sustainability projects between Italy and Madagascar.
In 2006 Averiko launched a project which gave origin to some micro-credit institutions in Fianarantsoa, the second city of Madagascar.
The project rapidly attracted a lot of clients and the number of persons asking for access to credit is constantly growing.

It was felt that the existing process automation applications – namely some self-produced spreadsheets – had to be replaced with a specific software.
An analysis of the main Open Source software applications for the management of small and medium micro-financing institutions led to the choice of Octopus, a system based on the “open” section of Microsoft development environment (Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions and SqlExpress).
Thanks to the generous contribution of the community of Octopus developers, O.P.G. and Averiko staffs have gradually got acquainted with the system functions and have implemented the amendments which were necessary for the specific needs of Madagascar.

Informatici Senza Frontiere retrieved and configured the necessary hardware so that the project could be started.
In February 2009, the hardware has been delivered thus improving the operation management system





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