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Let’s reconnect Congo!




The aim of Masi Manimba University project is to re-establish a satellite connection in a few public facilities in Congo.

The first of these facilities is Hôpital Général Conventionné Catholique in Kimbau where, thanks to this connection, doctor Chiara Castellani teleconsults with some Italian collegues.

The second is Hôpital Txingudi in M.C. Lumbi, an hospital equipped with a telemedicine service.

The third one is a computer room in the Telematics department of Masi Manimba University; this room, realized thanks to the work of ISF, needs a stabler connection in order to be fully working and reliable.

Re-establishing a connection in these three facilities means to enable a teleconsulting service, something essential for the good functioning of the hospitals and to make it possible for doctors to perform operations in very difficult situations. The satellite connection will also allow doctors to keep in touch with the outside world and will give them the opportunity to provide information on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This project is carried out together with Massimo Cimicchi, an Italian engineer who created a computer lab in Don Bosco Ngangi Centre together with VIS, an Italian organization. This project also involved the realization of a microbusiness for the outsourcing of computer services to Goma and to the rest of the country. This microbusiness makes it possible for the centre to self-fund itself and to supply free public services, especially for marginalized people and social outcasts.

ISF is funding the re-establishment of the connection that will be carried out by Massimo Cimicchi and his contributors. This initiative also aims at boosting local economy by helping “Congo from Congo”.

It is possible to make a donation to support this mission by sending a bank transfer to:

Banca Popolare Etica Viale della Repubblica 193/i – 31100 Treviso
Coordinate Bancarie ABI 05018 CAB 12000 CC. 000000130726
Iban IT19H0501812000000000130726

Please remember to add as reason for payment: “Ripristiniamo la connessione”

After you had made the donation, please send us a mail to isf.puglia@informaticisenzafrontiere.org to tell us who you are – you’ll be updated on the mission’s results.