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Telecommunications for Africa



The working group of Telecommunications for Africa was set up in February 2009 with the objective of supplying the necessary TLC information and resources for the implementation of ISF projects.

This group has the following objectives:

1) to set up a permanent observatory on the situation of TLC in Africa (landline, mobile and satellite) with particular reference to coverage, technology and costs;
2) to constantly establish contacts with operators and other organizations which might provide added value to our projects as far as TLC services are concerned;
3) to select and suggest “standardized” solutions and strategies to the persons in charge of the projects

The group will first of all gather information in order to achieve a technological and economical mapping by contacting business operators in this field and other organizations that are working on similar themes.

Later on the group will analyse the possible solutions for each situation and will identify intervention strategies, favouring those with a low economic impact.